Natalie Florence & Martha | Rainbows of Hope Project


Our second brave volunteer for the Rainbows of Hope Project is Natalie. Natalie is a very brave mum to Martha and Florence – her identical twin rainbow babies. Read below and watch the video to see more of Natalie’s pictures and to hear her story.


“After my husband and I got married we wanted to have children…things started to not happen, I was getting weird symptoms. The doctors wouldn’t listen to me. The referral got delayed four times.

Your friends tell you to try not to stress […] trying to have referrals and having them refused causes more stress.

I had a positive test…they sent me for blood tests. They phoned me and said, ‘Sadly it is unlikely this pregnancy will be successful.’

I was completely and utterly distressed – I had to go to a wedding and be happy but I was miscarrying our baby.

Yay! We were pregnant again! But this time incredibly scared. I started to get brown spotting again – we were miscarrying again.

The doctors said that until we had had three miscarriages in a row they couldn’t investigate it.

We found out we were pregnant again. I was lying there holding my cross praying, please let there be someone there…

She turned the screen around, ‘See this flashing? It’s your baby! And here is your other baby!’ “

Natalie, Florence & Martha from Rainbows of Hope on Vimeo.

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