If you would like to apply to participate in my project, fill in the form below, but please read all my notes first!

Please add in your location, number of children and ages, and any additional information you think will be helpful!


The Notes

Applicants must be either expecting or have a rainbow baby. Preferably you live in Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire, but, if you are happy to travel to me, I am more than happy to photograph you! You must be willing to share your story, both in video and in writing (blog/book), and be willing to sign a model release form for both yourself and the minor(s). Successful applicants will receive a photo session free of charge, as well as a signed fine art print of one of the images I shall choose to use. Donations to either of the charities are welcome, but not mandatory. Unfortunately, I can only fit in one session a month for this project, so I can’t guarantee the success of all the applicants. I truly wish I could though.

Full T&Cs will be sent to you along with the model release.

Thank you!